Cover art for The Walker – First book in The Guardians Series


I’m not sure if this will be the final cover art for the novel. What do you this about it?

I kinda dig it. 🙂 Either way good, bad or ugly I need some type of “art” for my Camp NaNoWriMo Novel info section.
But I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

Cover art?

Cover art?

All rights reserved you do not have permission to reuse this art without my written permission.


Sneak Peek Saturday!


It is #SneakPeekSaturyday!
Last week I posted 2 versions of ch1 for you to vote on. Guess which one won???
Drum roll please! Merge ’em!!!

The results come from messages, comments, and votes on the poll post. I’m so happy to have been able to interact with everyone and I hope that the final draft will be to your liking.

Ok, now on to new business. #SneakPeekSaturday was a huge hit last week. In fact, it was EPIC! So thank you to all who took the time to read and vote. I’ll be doing something like it again soon, so stay tuned for now enjoy this passage: Ch. 7

“Ari, is it done?” The man who stood in the shadows asked but a few minutes later. His voice was raspy as they stood in the near darkness within the twisting maze of caverns, the hard stone and jagged edges jutted out posing risk of impalement as he waited impatiently for the reply he wanted.
“It is.” Ari bowed to the hooded figure before him.
“Good, as soon as I receive confirmation you shall claim your bounty. You would not lie to me now would you?” The hooded figure asked, as he waved his hand at the wall causing a woman to appear.
“My lord, I have done what you asked. Beyond that, I can take no responsibility. We do not yet know if the watcher has made contact with her. If he has, she may already be in possession of her powers.” Ari answered shakily.
“Do you find me stupid Ari? Do you think that I do not know these things already?”
“No, my lord, please I beg of you, I did not mean to offend. I only mean to say that if this indeed the child the Tengu were meant to have destroyed than perhaps we are too late. However, dare I remind you that never has a walker been female… perhaps she is not the one we seek?” He took a defensive step back, frightened as the hooded figure conjured a fire sphere and began tossing it lightly in the air only to catch it again before it landed on the ground.
“Gisela what do you see?” He (the hooded man) asked the woman seated on the cavern’s floor directly under a jagged black stalactite, that had appeared at his call.”

Epic Super Sneak Peek Saturdy – Voting Issues and other matters that need to be addrssed.


First up – Voting Issues-
Some people have told me that they posted a vote for their favorite chapter version, but it did not post to the blog.

Edit: I think I have figured out where your comments and votes have gone. A folder called “Ham” I can’t access this folder. These comments are gone forever, I’m very sorry about this. It is a site thing. They use a bot to filter for spam, “ham” are comments that may or may not be legit. 😦

Also, I finally figured out how to get the poll option to work that should at least allow you to vote for a chapter version.  Hip hip Hooray! 🙂
However, your comments will still maybe, possibly end up as the dreaded “ham.”
I encourage you to double-check to see if your comment indeed posted properly, if not, feel free to leave it on my Facebook Page found here :
However, the same edicate rules seen below will apply there as well.

Other Matters- Edicate Rules

A) I’m writing this section because someone decided to post comments that in no way are appropriate.
Although it saddens me to have to write this- Make no mistake, I will remove any post containing curse words. There will be NO “warnings.” I write for Young Adults, Teens, Kids, and the Mature Reader. Keep it clean and polite and most of all keep it constructive.

I love to hear what people dislike just as much as I enjoy hearing what they do like, but there is no need to be rude, either to me or to other posters, guests etc. I will not tolerate it.
Nor will I allow someone to spew hatred of any kind on my page. If you cannot respect that people come from all walks of life, creeds, colors, sexual orientations, religions, political stances, nations, etc. Perhaps you should consider starting your own little corner of the net where people of like minds will be happy to agree with you.
I will chalk it up to you being a troll and treat you and your thoughts with the appropriate amount of consideration, as in none.
Your post will be removed.

🙂 Not that anyone here is going to do anything like that!  I Thank You for your cooperation in advance.

B) I am a touch under the weather, and there were so many voting “issues” I have decided that I’m going to extend the voting period until Saturday, Feb, 22, 2014!!!!!!!
I will tell you as of now the vote is tied 3-3, so remember to vote if you have a preference  on which one you would prefer to see polished up and in the final version of the novel.

C) I will be removing both versions of chapter one from this blog on March 1st or 2nd. I hope you enjoyed reading these rough drafts as much as I did writing them.
Have a wondrous day!