Sneak Peek Saturday!


It is #SneakPeekSaturyday!
Last week I posted 2 versions of ch1 for you to vote on. Guess which one won???
Drum roll please! Merge ’em!!!

The results come from messages, comments, and votes on the poll post. I’m so happy to have been able to interact with everyone and I hope that the final draft will be to your liking.

Ok, now on to new business. #SneakPeekSaturday was a huge hit last week. In fact, it was EPIC! So thank you to all who took the time to read and vote. I’ll be doing something like it again soon, so stay tuned for now enjoy this passage: Ch. 7

“Ari, is it done?” The man who stood in the shadows asked but a few minutes later. His voice was raspy as they stood in the near darkness within the twisting maze of caverns, the hard stone and jagged edges jutted out posing risk of impalement as he waited impatiently for the reply he wanted.
“It is.” Ari bowed to the hooded figure before him.
“Good, as soon as I receive confirmation you shall claim your bounty. You would not lie to me now would you?” The hooded figure asked, as he waved his hand at the wall causing a woman to appear.
“My lord, I have done what you asked. Beyond that, I can take no responsibility. We do not yet know if the watcher has made contact with her. If he has, she may already be in possession of her powers.” Ari answered shakily.
“Do you find me stupid Ari? Do you think that I do not know these things already?”
“No, my lord, please I beg of you, I did not mean to offend. I only mean to say that if this indeed the child the Tengu were meant to have destroyed than perhaps we are too late. However, dare I remind you that never has a walker been female… perhaps she is not the one we seek?” He took a defensive step back, frightened as the hooded figure conjured a fire sphere and began tossing it lightly in the air only to catch it again before it landed on the ground.
“Gisela what do you see?” He (the hooded man) asked the woman seated on the cavern’s floor directly under a jagged black stalactite, that had appeared at his call.”


Freaky Friday – Hope for the New Writers


I found this on FB and though it had to be shared. I read it end to end praying that there is hope for someone like myself who wants nothing more than to see their name on the cover of a book they wrote.

I found information, sure. And advice, most certainly, but hope?
You tell me.

It all goes back to what I have long suspected that self publishing does not work for 99% of people.
It is a giant slush pile where a few gems get buried for all time.
Unless you have something really special, or half a million friends that is…

Does that mean it can’t work for you? Not at all, but it underscores with a fine point just how hard it is; this dog eat dog world of publishing. You must know what your main goal is. Is it to just get it, your work, out there into the world? Do you want fame and fortune? Do you want your work in stores?

For me, I’d rather try to go with the traditional route. I want my books in stores, I don’t own an E-reader and I never will. For me, books are like Alice’s magic mushrooms. Little bits of goodness that have the ability to transport me to their world the moment I see the cover, smell the old paper, and when I finally crack the pages open to reveal their secrets it is as if they are doing so solely for me.

Do I look down on those who self publish? Not at all. These authors did what they felt was best for them. They are miles ahead of me most of the time, their work is A) finished. B) Edited (usually) C) it is published! Some have even sold a copy or two.
So yeah, they totally get props from me for letting it all hang out for the world to judge, but as I said usually the bad work outnumbers the good ones and everything becomes a victim in a sea of who the heck knows.

Trolls are another issue with self publishing work. Someone can read half a book, write a scathing review and the novel is dead in its tracks. At least with traditional publishing you have some type of safety net to defend against these rabble-rousers. Nothing is 100% foolproof, but something is better than nothing right? One does not jump head first into a hungry, angry, shark infested tank without at least some shark deterrent spray right?

I might consider self publishing after the traditional world has fully destroyed my hopes of publishing the traditional route.
However, I have friends who write, who plan to self publish. Their work is fantastically done, and they don’t want the hassle of trying to go through the gatekeepers and then travel down the long and strenuous, winding road to final publication. That is what their heart tells them is right for them. And I support that decision one million percent.

True that Thursday


I don’t know how other people get into the writing mood, but I do things like watch the History Channel… Please tell me what you do to get into that elusive zone. 🙂
I was unable to sleep again last night and I ran across this TV show on, you guessed it, the History Channel, the title of the show is Vikings. They were promoting the new season, I’d not even seen the first season so I went to the on demand and checked it out. I watched the whole season in one night it was that freaking good. But, the Music in the promo was crazy cool, so once the sun poked its head out I had to jump online and Google it. I found the song and was happy to find that the whole song was as good as the bit in the promo. I ended up downloading the album.

Now anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that most music does not impress me much. With the exception of AWOLNATION who I swear could turn a song about going poop in to a mega hit. Anyhow, this new song is Glory and Gore by Lorde. I’d never heard of her. I was totally missing out on some ultra pumped writing jams!

My creative juices are flowing like a waterfall and I’m so ready to get something done and then take a walk as it is 65 out today!
#HellYa #TruethatThursday

Peace my dear page peeps.

Wicked Wednesday- This one is for the Gingers!


I ran across this article and had to share it for all the gingers out there. Now personally speaking, I love redheads, my mother is a redhead with hazel eyes, but Genetics is an endlessly fascinating subject of study.
Enjoy! #WickedWednesday

The ugly truth. Manic Monday


I want you to watch this clip. It is not very long, but it is very important. After you have seen it, then finish reading this post.

OK, So you watched the video right? Now let’s talk for a moment.

First off, the body image issues people have these days makes me ill. I don’t see fat people, or skinny people I just see people. However, when I was in India, this happened…

It was the holiday Holi, and it was my first visit to India, I have always felt a connection to the country even before stepping foot there. Now I was there for reasons beyond being a “lookie loo.” I went to have some dental work done as it was way too expensive here in the US. But I figured, “when in Rome.”

To make a very long story short, I’ve always had issues about how I look, I was a child of a mother who placed for more importance on looks than brains. She still does, but she is getting better. I don’t blame her, her own Mother was the same way, and I’m assuming my Grandmother’s Mother was like that as well. Being raised where your appearance is given such scrutiny I had hang-ups to start with and I was very tiny, as in at least 20lbs underweight and I was still called “Chunky” and “Tank” There were other terms, but they are not words I care to reiterate now or ever. At Fourteen I had open heart surgery, I was in the hospital for a week, and not surprisingly I lost weight, about 10 lbs.  My Family thought this was “Fantastic” and that I looked “Better.” I felt like poo on a stick, but I’ll be honest, I don’t know how much was from the surgery and how much was from weight loss. But I tried harder to maintain this new accepted body weight, however, since my heart was now functioning nearer to normal than it ever had my body was now getting what it required to work properly and eventually the weight crept up.
It is not something that has stopped to be honest, as my heart begins to decline again, it makes exercise a tricky problem. I won’t get into details, but for my whole adult life I have felt poorly about the way I looked and by extension myself.

I married, divorced, remarried and traveled to an exotic land that I have longed to see since I was a child. I finally felt in control of my life, and that things were pretty close to perfect, save for the lingering body image issues that while I had managed to fight back and become comfortable with myself still cropped up from time to time.

So I’m in India, and my heart is acting up, I see a cardiologist, and everything checks out about the same as it has always been. But, the Doctor’s advice was to not get my heart rate above 150bpm, unfortunately I do that in my sleep… Arrhythmia is so much fun!

I’m enjoying my visit, doing the things I came to do and all is going well for about a month. Along comes the holiday, one that for years I have wanted to take part in. I jump into my friends Jeep, and his neighbor’s kids are in the Jeep and she is maybe Six or Seven, her sister is younger, perhaps four or five. I won’t get into the issues I had with these children while I was there, but their parents were some of the biggest stuck up, self-centered, egotistical, jerk wads that I’d ever had the bad fortune of meeting. Monkey see Monkey do right?

Anyhow the eldest of the girls looks at me, and says “My Daddy says you are very fat, and Mommy said fat is ugly.” So when the girl’s Mother gets into the back of the Jeep I’m mad, offended, and kinda hurt, I mean her kids were brats, and I was nice about the worst of the situations and now she has the gall to talk about me behind my back like she knows something about me? No, doll, not this chick, and most defiantly not today! She gets seated and I look at her and inform her that then next time she wishes to be a catty B!^(# she should make sure her kids don’t overhear it because the kids have not learned to filter what they say.

She made up some BS to try to validate herself and said she’d not be offended if I talked about “how tall, ” she was… Yeah like that is such a problem… >.> Bite me Barbie.

In the end, I said I’d rather be fat and happy than thin and so utterly miserable that I had nothing left to do, but build myself up by tearing people down. I also added that my kid would never behave like hers to anyone because my kid was raised better than that.

But, because of this incident, I felt poorly about myself and it made me rethink my seemingly happy life. Was I in fact ugly? Ugly people don’t succeed in life, and most def does not make it as an author, not women at least. Have you ever seen a woman Author who was utterly unattractive in modern times?

So, I’m talking with my dentist and I tell him about the thing’s mouth-wise that I am self-conscious about. We extend my treatment beyond the normal care that I had come in for. Now we are doing caps, and veneers and all kinds of things, we even talked about in the future when I return doing surgery to extend my lower jaw. I’m sitting there and I hear myself talking, and I can’t believe it. ME? The most grounded person I know when it comes to being realistic about one’s self, did I really just ask for and agree to these painful and unnecessary procedures?
I even went through with them! 😮

Words have a lot of power, remember that the next time you speak. You never know what someone is going through and you never know how your words will affect someone and what they will do because of the effect those words had on them. If I were a weaker person would I have considered something more self-destructive?
I’m glad I am as strong as I am and won’t have to find out, but it was a lesson in how words can drive people’s actions as well as forcing me to examine my own reactions to words spoken by someone who really I already had zero respect for.

Try to learn to just see people, please! We can do better than this can’t we?

March 1st Interview with Author, James G. Pearson


Since the details have been firmed up, I can finally announce the first Indie Author I will be interviewing. 😀

James G. Pearson has a new book out! – The Kingmaker, by James G. Pearson, and he has graciously granted yours truly an interview to share with you.
I do hope you will check back in on the First of March to read all about Mr. Pearson and his new book!
I cannot wait to bring this to you. Hurry up March!