Jenn’s Words: “Living in poverty is like being punched in the face over and over and over on a daily basis. “


Come on people we can do better can’t we? Educated and can’t find a job. This is sickening. I don’t know if she will ever read this, but Jenn I’ve been there and done that. I know what it is like. If only I had a way of contacting you I’d try to get some info because sometimes it is not about what you know it is about who you know…. And I know lots of people. I’d try very hard to find a job for you, it might not be the best job but it is better than nothing.
Good luck dear. I hope it gets better soon. And if you do read this please contact me. I’m happy to help in any way I can.

Poor as Folk


Thank you to Jenn for sharing her personal story of living in poverty right now….


Today, I did something I never thought I’d do. I yelled at my son for being hungry. Oh sure, there are many parents nodding in agreement because they’ve done the same thing. Many have yelled at their kids for asking for one more snack right before dinner was served or for wanting to eat junk food out of boredom. That’s not why I yelled. I yelled because I didn’t have extra food to give him and I was taking my frustration out on him. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He’s just a kid, a 7 year old who is full of energy and constantly growing. Of course he’s hungry often. That’s what kids do. However, I didn’t have enough food for anyone to have extras. Everything has to be rationed out over a week…

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